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Factors affecting homeowner’s insurance rates

The key factors insurers use to assess your risk include;

Proximity to a fire department

For clients living in rural areas as compared to urban areas your homeowner’s insurance rates are likely to be higher because of the limitations you will face in fire protection.

We provide information to the insurance industry about all kinds of risk, including the ability of your local fire department to offer protection in case your home catches on fire.

We look at things such as your home's distance from a fire station and damage control areas. It also considers the capability of the fire control stations located near you and what equipment’s they have. Many insurance companies use that information when setting rates, Urban and suburban communities tend to receive better ratings than isolated rural ones.

Your homes claims history

Your claims history is not the only thing under the microscope when it comes to setting your homeowners insurance premium. Your home's history is, as well. If your home has had many incidents that the previous insurance company had to intervene then your rate may have to be considered. No insurer would want to work with clients with many claims history because that would be going after bad money.

Credit history

In most states, the home insurers take into account your credit history. The terms of checking ones credit history will vary depending of the insurer. Insurers always like clients who show ability in being able to afford for the insurance services. Checking a client’s credit history will enable them decide if a client is capable of comfortably paying for the home insurance services.

Temporary Repairs and Security

You can take a number of steps after a property loss or damage to protect your property, prevent further damage and reduce the time it may take to restore. They will include:

  • Making reasonable temporary repairs to avoid further damage
  • Photographing damaged property prior to repairs
  • Securing property such as windows, doors and roofs as necessary
  • Keeping receipts of expenses you incurred to secure your property

Your duties after a loss

When getting a home insurance policy one is provided with various term and conditions of the insurer. Your policy includes a specific list of things you must do after an accident or loss. They are:

Notifying us as soon as possible. We always advise clients to inform their insurers if anything happens that is related to their home insurance. This will make their follow up on claims faster because the insurance company will start to follow up on the claims as soon as possible.

Notifying the police in case of theft. This step is very important because it will help us to prove that the occurrence was not intentional and therefore making the claims will faster.

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